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Winter Retreat @ the Bishop Claggett Center

The weekend of January 11th, our corps members goodbye’d Gilead House and saluted Station North on our way out of Baltimore toward Buckeystown, MD for our Winter Retreat at Bishop Claggett Center.

We were pretty pumped, considering we’d had an awesome time during our October Fall Retreat, as evidenced by our primo photography.1375718_10153396788675788_873923887_n 1376338_10151642023342563_546699037_n Claggett1 Claggett2 Claggett3 Claggett4 pandolfineass walkerjan

Though it’s only a little bit away on the map–
Retreat Path
The Claggett Center provides a perfect rural environment for a trip away from the city, especially for our rurally sourced interns from western Virginia, Maryland, and rural North Carolina.

Upon arrival, the first instinct among some of us, was, of course, to frolic:IMG_1073IMG_1072IMG_1071

Pictured are Taylor and Trevor doing said frolicking in the sunset.

We were, of course, well-stocked for our adventures:
As they say of Episcopalians, wherever there is a fourth, there will be a fifth.

Anyone noticing a theme, here?

And with all that alcohol, we obviously behaved like party animals, as evidenced by the below raucous debauchery:

Though our beloved Chaplain couldn’t make it, we had a lot of fun with Jan, our director, and Laura, the director of our Theological Thursday sessions.staff
Laura is the tall one in the back and Jan is the short one in the front.

There was plenty of learning and teaching this trip, most of it having to do with fibers:IMG_1107 IMG_1097Above, Walker sheers Trevor’s mane and Taylor teaches Meron to crochet a baby blanket for her anticipated nephew.

And as always, the Claggett interns were a fun addition:
Here’s Kate pictured with Nate and Keith.

IMG_1113 IMG_1110 IMG_1094 IMG_1093And as always at Claggett, we found a bit of time to hike in the woods. I took lots of Instagrams.

1609730_10151790587697563_645652384_n 1521424_10151790587717563_89766723_n 1507057_10151790587822563_1656622652_n

On the last day, we were satisfied with our journey as one big, awkward family. Thanks for having us, BCC!