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Bio #1: Your humble blogger, Guinevere Norman


What’s your name? Hey! My name is Gwen. That’s me up there, with my pink-haired baby sister.

Where are you from? Elkton, MD! I went to school in Frostburg, MD.

That’s here!


Hold your applause for my fabulous artwork cough

What did you do before ESC? I went to school at Frostburg State University in the western panhandle of Maryland; I studied history and economics but mostly fell in love with hiking and Appalachian living. After that, I moved back to Elkton, where I worked as a librarian, tutor, and volunteer of all sorts.


That’s me in green with just some of the lovely people I met in Frostburg.

What drew you to Episcopal Service Corps? I love to volunteer and commonly volunteered in social-justice-minded churches helping with things like soup kitchens and food pantries. I was feeling a little restless with library work and decided to explore social work as well as life in Baltimore, the only major area in Maryland that I hadn’t yet lived.


That’s Jessica and I exploring what Baltimore has to hike!

Where are you working? I worked at Earl’s Place, a non-profit transitional housing facility for men downtown, doing marketing and fundraising. Next week I’ll switch to case management at the House of Ruth, a domestic violence shelter in town.

Tell us a little bit about your hobbies and interests. In addition to being your resident Gilead House blogger, I’m Gilead House’s resident atheist; I love to cook & eat, knit & crochet, sew, and generally get crafty. Aside from that, I love to hike, travel, watch Star Trek, collect ’70s punk records and study history and economics; I’m also a big fat socialist.


I like O’s games, too!

What’s next? After Episcopal Service Corps I’ll be staying in Baltimore to teach Special Education through Teach for America. I hope eventually to attend graduate school for Economics. Until then I’ll be living here with some of the best people I’ve ever met, hiking, crafting, and painting each other’s nails.

Where can we stalk you?  instagram, pinterest, and yelp. I love yelp so be sure to add me!